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Maintenance Memo

Please read the Maintenance Memo below for Van Buren Housing Authority.

Hot Water Heaters:

  • Not to be adjusted by anyone other than the Housing Authority Maintenance Department.
  • No clothes, trash or other flammable material is to be placed near the hot water heater.
  • Keep utility closet door closed at all times to protect pilot light from blowing out.

Appliance/Mechanical Operations of Dwelling Unit:

  • Do not remove smoke alarm battery unless you have notified the office.  (Use required by law)
  • Do not adjust refrigerator thermostat.  Keep at same temperature.

Dwelling Unit Exterior:

  • Do not keep containers with gasoline or other flammable materials in the storage shed.
  • Tenant is responsible for yard and area maintenance. (E.g. Mowing, trimming, items on the roof, trash in the yard)
  • Vehicles must belong to the tenant and be licensed and in drivable condition, in order to be parked on the PHA property.

Do NOT Trespass on Other's Yard:

  • Do not make pathways between apartments
  • Do not let kids ride bikes in the yard.

I understand these terms and agree that I will be responsible for the maintenance costs (including time) and/or action resulting from any of the above PHA infractions by any member or visitor of my household.