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Occupancy Conditions

The tenant agrees to comply with the rules and regulations for tenants and with the following conditions of occupancy:

  • The tenant and members of his household or guests shall comply with all laws and city ordinances affecting the use or occupation of the premises, and with all reasonable rules or regulations now or hereafter adopted by the landlord for the safety, comfort, and welfare of the occupants of the project.
  • The tenant shall not waste or unreasonably use water.
  • The tenant shall not make alterations or repairs to the premises or of the equipment therein and shall not install any additional locks or fixtures and shall not display signs.
  • The tenant will be held strictly responsible for any loss or damage to this and other dwellings resulting from overflow from water closets, sinks, bathtubs or basins in his dwelling.
  • The tenant must report to the management office at once any accident or injury to water pipes, toilets, drains, fixtures, electric wires or other property, and all breakage, damages or loss of any kind.
  • The tenant shall not use any method of heating other than that supplied by the landlord.
  • No shades, awnings or window guards shall be used, except such as shall be installed or approved by the landlord.
  • Plumbing and electrical equipment shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed.
  • No radio or television aerial wires of any kind shall be installed on the building, except in a manner approved by the landlord.
  • The landlord or its representatives have the right to enter the tenant's premises during all reasonable hours to examine the same or to make such repairs, additions or alterations as may be deemed necessary for the preservation of the building; or to exhibit the said premises; or for the purpose of removing signs fixture alterations or additions in the premises which are in violation of the tenant's lease or of these conditions of occupancy. No articles may be stored within sight.
  • The landlord in all cases shall retain the right to control and prevent access into the buildings and grounds of all persons whom it considers undesirable.
  • Any notice required by law or otherwise will be sufficient if delivered to tenant personally or sent by mail to the premises or affixed to the door of the tenant's dwelling units. Notices to the landlord must be in writing and delivered to the housing manager personally or sent by mail to the management office.
  • The tenant shall maintain grounds and landscaped areas in the front and rear of individual dwellings, such maintenance to include mowing and trimming of lawns, edging of walks, backs of curbs, the weeding of lawns and weeding of cultivation and watering of shrub beds. (The lawn areas shall include front and back from building line to back of curb on city streets). In the event of the failure of the tenant to so maintain the grounds and areas as provided in this paragraph, then the landlord at its option may do so and charge the actual costs therefore to the tenant, which costs shall become additional rent payable hereunder.
  • The tenant shall keep the premises and fixtures thereon in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and will dispose of all trash and garbage in a sanitary manner satisfactory to the landlord.
  • The tenant shall keep only outside lawn furniture on the outside of the unit. All inside furniture will be kept inside. Tenant agrees to keep bicycles, toys, grills and all other outside items stored in the back of the unit or in the storage building in order to keep the appearance of the neighborhood clean and sanitary.
  • All vehicles must be licensed and drivable and shall be parked in the street. At no time shall they be driven on the lawns either in front or back of the dwelling.

As in all communities, we have certain regulations and rules that must be observed to make our project comfortable and successful. Your observance of these rules and suggestions will be the deciding factor in the accomplishment of this purpose. If you are in doubt about any rules, discuss the matter with the management office.